Friday, July 22, 2011

Mac Duff the Needle Felted Dragon... Dreams of a Dragon

 Here he is!  The most handsome dragon you've ever seen!  At least that is according to Mac Duff... he is a little full of hot air you know!
 He loves to show off his long tail and green spikes.
His first flight is coming soon and he trembles with the anticipation of soaring above his beloved moors.
He awakes from his moss covered rock bed and shakes the dew from his tense muscular torso.
Today's the day he thinks to himself. All the training and planning comes down to this.
He turns and lumbers toward the edge of the rocky cliff and tentatively takes a step forward.
One final deep breath and he soars knowing that I'm there to catch him if he should falter.  Click Here to see more!


Maggie R said...

He is one handsome dude VBG

Bella McBride said...

Thank you Maggie! I bought some gorgeous red roving today that is just screaming to be made into another dragon!

tami roberts said...

do you have a tutorial on how to make this dragon? i would be interested in getting it....Please

Bella McBride said...

No, sorry Tami. All my pieces are original and no patterns are used....everything is made up as I go along!