Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Some of you readers might remember my story of finding a little kitten sopping wet, injured and crying on my doorstep last summer. Well, before I found Wycket I caught a glimpse of another kitten that I was sure was a litter mate of Wycket and since I have always wondered what happened to him/her. Well yesterday I finally found out! Looking in my back door was his brother!He quickly ran away but luckily the one and only picture I snapped of him turned out beautifully! Isn't he just the most handsome cat?

A few days ago I also captured the above picture of Frosty and an unsuspecting squirrel. Or maybe he was just a confident little squirrel since Frosty didn't catch him! Whenever I see this picture I automatically see the title "The Stand Off".
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Sharon said...

What beautys they both are. Great photos. Lucky squirrel. LOL Sharon

nas_nz said...

That cat is gorgeous!!!

Candy said...

The hope of Spring...isn't it wonderful! Frosty has some great camouflage and yes, he IS one handsome cat...with a little attitude.
I finally posted about your wonderful collar GIVEAWAY this morning. If I am not the lucky #, I'll just have to order one.
Stay warm, Candy