Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy New Brunswick Day!!!

This weekend we celebrate New Brunswick Day! It always falls on the first Monday of the month of August, thereby always giving us a long weekend. Our provincial flag consists of two parts. The top third of the flag is a gold lion on a red field, which represents the province's links with the Braunschweig (Brunswick) region in central Germany and the monarch of the United Kingdom. The lower part of the flag consists of a Spanish galley and represents shipbuilding, which was an important industry in the province. The golf ball I have pictured here is a tourist representation of the ship mentioned on our flag.

Other symbols of New Brunswick are; the purple violet; the black-capped chickadee; the balsam fir; and the New Brunswick tartan. Can you tell what I'll be doing this New Brunswick Day Weekend? I'll bet you don't!!

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