Friday, April 10, 2015

The Owls Have Landed at McBride House

The owls have descended onto McBride House in all shapes, colours and functions.  This little one is a staple at McBride House and has had a few sisters created in her likeness.  So far we have had Owlene, Owlese, and this little one is Owlette.  She's a pretty little owl. She spent hours getting her bow on just right, asking me time and time again to adjust it just so. Standing in front of the mirror primping and preening she finally decided that the bow is perfect and it's time for her portrait. She stands and looks up at the light knowing this is her best side. Click, click, click goes the camera all the while her little tail feathers quiver with excitement.
Next is Darby McBride who is a St Patrick Day Owl.  He's quite the dapper fellow who is a very quiet owl that just loves to sit and watch the goings on. He requires very little maintenance and would make a fantastic house owl.
 In the same bred of owls, comes these two.  Another St. Patrick Day Owl but with a little rider!  And guess what?  They did it, they did it! They found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Mr. Leprechaun proudly hugs his treasure knowing he is safe and secure riding on the back of his pet owl. What the two of them will do with all of this gold I do not know but I'm sure with the influence of a wise owl, they won't spend it frivolously.

Next is the Book Owl. Did you know that back in the deep recesses of the London Library lives a whole family of owls? This particular owl is named Darby and he and his siblings fly about at night putting all those books away that the librarians cannot reach. They twist and turn about the tight corridors all the while looking for the perfect matched hole for their books. Once they find the correct spot the mice take over and slide the book into it's own spot... but that, my dear friends, is another tale.
It's an exciting day for Mr Owlistare and his son, Hoot. They've waited and practiced all year and today is the day. They gather their belongings and Mrs Owlistare, or better known as Luna, lovingly wraps a scarf around each of their necks and gives them a peck on the cheek as she bids them farewell.  You can read a lot more about these two and their grand adventure HERE.
Owlivia is a pretty little owlet that dreams of becoming a ballerina but knows with her centre of gravity being what it is, tap is more up to her skill level.

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