Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Name Is Raven
My name is Raven. As I sit upon my Ravenstone I ponder in my thoughts. Some consider me a bird of ill omen others a mediator between life and death. I am both the symbol of the sun, and the symbol of a moonless night.
The Scottish Highlanders, a brave and fearsome people, once associated me with the second sight and prophecy. My image flew on the banners of the pagan Danes and Viking ships as tokens of luck on their voyages. I am, however, a contradiction in terms; I am thought of a as trickster and a thief, a representation of death and doom.

While conversely others think I represent magic, creation, healing, wisdom, and protection. I am especially revered by the creative type as I was a favouite bird of the god Lludd, the Celtic god of artists and artisans. I symbolize the void - the mystery of that which is not yet known.

S mis Fitheach. My name is Raven


Aputsiaq said...

Wow, what a wonderful piece of well made...and I LOVE the is so sweet!!!!

Bella McBride said...

Thank you Mette! This is probably one of my favourite pieces and I just sent it to a customer in Minnesota and am missing it a little bit!

Thanks for the lovely comment,

Marsha said...

He's very life like. Love his adornment. Very cool.

Susan Tilsley Manley said...

I saw your postcard of this wonderful piece at the Belfast Mini Mills store in PEI, and I had to look you up! I am a fibre artist in Nova Scotia and I'm Celtic and in love with crows! Well done.

Bella McBride said...

Thank you so much for looking me up Susan! I'm so pleased you did! Isn't the Belfast Mini Mills the most fantastic store? I just love it there.

It's always so nice to meet a fellow fibre artist practically in my own backyard. I think we probably have a lot in common as I have Celtic ancestors and am too in love with ravens.

Maybe our paths will cross someday!