Monday, January 28, 2013

Needle Felted Dodo Bird by McBride House

What a cheeky little grin you have Mr Dodo. I like to think you are keeping a secret behind that mischievous little smile, a secret that defies all the odds.
 You aren't the last of your kind, are you? You actually exist with your entire clan of Dodo Bird friends and family on an island deep in the Indian Ocean. An island yet to be discovered by mankind.
An island where you are safe to go about your daily affairs with no hint of extinction looming over you.
Yes, indeed, you are keeping a most glorious secret. 

See more about him here!


Stacy's Shabby Shoppe said...

Hilarious Bella! I love your stories so much, not to mention your adorable little creatures! xo

Aputsiaq said...

Oh, you've been so busy...and what beautiful artworks you've made! I adore and love dodos...and this one is the cutest!!

Bella McBride said...

Thank you ladies! I have to confess, I do LOVE my job!!