Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dissolving Resolution Part II

Oh dear... I did it again! I broke another New Year's Resolution! On the same line of my yarn stash, I decided that I was not allowed to buy any more books until I had read a large majority of the ones I had.

Well today was the Queen's County Historical Society's first Book Fair of the season. This is an absolutely fantastic sale where you can find all sorts of books ranging in price for $1.00 to $50.00!

I snatched up these leather bound books from the early 1900's for just $3.00 each!

A book of poems rests on two other beautifully bound books. All for $2.00 to $3.00 each!

I love the Art Deco pattern on this one! I wish they were in colours I liked better, but hey, for $2.00!!

A small stack of more contemporary books... a very small stack! So see, I really didn't buy that many books to read, I mostly bought books that were beautiful to look at! Did I really break the resolution that much? And this time it really was for a good cause! All proceeds go toward the restoration of the Anthony Flower House in Cambridge Narrows, New Brunswick..... and 'cause I wanted to!!


Nathalie Thompson said...

I give you total, unbridled, permission to buy books any time you want if they all look as gorgeous as the ones you posted! I rarely buy books for reading (that's what the library is for!) I buy them for "pretty" and for altering. Some never get altered just because the subjects are too good to destroy, eg: "Wife Dressing", c. 1960s, written by a clothes horse model who once packed a suitcase of nothing but her crinolins for a trip over seas (the other 5 suitcases held her clothes and other foundation items!) A hoot to read! Cost me 25 cents at a yard sale. Money well spent!

Terri said...

What treasures you have in these books.
Thanks for sigining up for my giveaway.
I have to tell Nancy Her Art Nest) about you. She is a knitter and I think she'll love your bog. I just look and admire. I leave that form of art to you and others. I just did not develope the knack for it.