Friday, May 2, 2008

Genealogy Family Tree Charts, 15 Generations

These are some Genealogy charts that I occasionally sell on Ebay (but if you are interested just email me!) I sell them for around $9.99 each, 2 for $18.50 and 3 for $24.97, with shipping included. They really are a great tool, any genealogy buff has to have one. Below is the description of them that I have on Ebay.
This 15 Generation Chart is just the right size for you to add all of the names that you want. Nine generations can fit on the front of the chart and there is space for 6 more generations on the back of the chart. These large charts measure 23" x 29" and are folded down to 8 1/2" x 10 3/4". They also have three punched holes so that they will fit into a standard notebook or binder and/or sleeve protectors. I will ship each chart with a sleeve protector in order to protect it from any damage in transit. I recommend hole reinforcements to prevent wear since this is one chart you will be using constantly.
This is a truly wonderful tool and a must have for any genealogy buff, historian or anyone just starting to trace their family origins. They make wonderful gifts for any family member, especially grandchildren who are just learning the dynamics of a family. These are wonderful for quick and easy reference. I use one for a working copy and one for good, which I have proudly hanging in my office.

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